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avatar_pantsu is a community dedicated to Avatar the last airbender the T.V. show and the community pantsu_icons, which was created by the talented and cracktastic, crackulicious

It all started when crackilious started the pantsu!icon craze. Then, larka_14 requested ATLA icons. They were created and spread everywhere. Then, on one faithful burger post the crazy perverts met and spammed the thread. Again, we are very sorry tsukaisae. Not wanting to disturb anyone too much kawaii_lyn, ampora, larka_14 and jessieheart decided to spam larka_14's journal instead (Who did it willingly and it was her own idea XD). There they went crazy and had a massive crack!orgy with their Pantsu!icons. We had so much fun that we decided to make a community out of it and share the crack!pantsu fun with everyone! :D

Weeks after the pantsu craze has come and gone, we're left with..."What to do with this comm?"

Conclusion: PARTY COMM!

What is that, you ask? Here's an example:

Avatard2: No way!
Avatard3: Really?
Avatard1: Yah! We should celebrate somehow!
Avatard2: To avatar_pantsu! *everyone shuffles off*

Here in the comm:
Avatard1: I have a Zuko!pantsu.
Avatard2: I have Iroh!pantsu.
Avatard3: I have Sokka!pantsu.
All together: *Engage in sqealing and fandoming stuffs.* All is well in the world.

Also for parties:
Avatard1: Happy Birthday _____!
Avatard2: Thanks!
Avatard1: Let's celebrate by [insert idea here] at avatar_pantsu!
Avatard2: Great idea!

[/cheesy scenarios.] Yes, they burned my eyes too. But they were examples.

Get it? Got it? Good. Do whatever type of party/celebrating you want, be it general sqealing, role-playing, or orgies if you so desire. <---Hint that this is the most fun one. ^_~

The Rules:
1. This is a community for celebrations of sorts. Is it your birthday? Bring your friends, employ the usage of our provided pantsu icons, and go at it! Role play, fight, act, fulfill those OTP's that the show is neglecting to splurge on. ^^

2. No bashing of Avatar characters, members, or anything in the near relation to that will be tolerated. Your comments/posts will be deleted and, if continued...you will be removed from the community. No questions asked.

3. Feel free to bring in new ideas for this community,

4. Have fun! Be funny. Be random. Be outgoing. This is the brainchild of four Avatards being silly, dirty, random, and originally creative and humorous. Since we had such a great time, and many of our friends missed out, we decided to create a community for it. Use it! ^^

5. No trolling. Spam is welcome as long as it's Avatar-related. Please, tell your friends about this community. We need more members. Don't have a pantsu icon? Don't worry, we'll provide them. We'll collect every single Avatar character the genius tsunderes decides to make.

Moderators: (Three of the four original pantsu-orgy participants)
larka_14 Co-Moderator
ampora Co-Moderator
kawaii_lyn Co-Moderator

If you have any questions, comments, ideas, or are lonely, contact us by email or AIM, all of which are provided on our userinfo pages. Or, if you're that lazy, contact kawaii_lyn via email at kawaiilyn@gmail.com, or on AIM as kawaiilyn.


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Credit to firebender.com for the community pic. ♥